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JAY’S AUDIO, a high-end CD Transport, and CD Player manufacturer, believes in CD is the best way to reproduce music. The exceptional sound quality of JAY’S AUDIO CDT/P wins many audiophile hearts especially the price and performance ratio is simply unbeatable.

Design Highlight:

  • CDPRO2 LF Mechanism
  • Rubidium Atomic Clock
  • Walt Jung Super Regulator for Digital & Analog
  • Schurter IEC Inlet
  • Neutrik XLR
  • Rubidium WClk
  • HDMI LVDS i2s

Digital Output: COAX (RCA/BNC) 2v @ 75ohm ; XLR 5V @110ohm, i2s HDMI. Upsampled 192kHz

AC Power: 110V/230V
Dimension: 450mm x 380mm x 150mm
Weight: 17KG
Warranty: 12 months

Warranty: 12 months

First 30 Days: Jay’s Audio to bear both way shipping fee.
Within 1st Year: Customer to bear one way shipping fee. Jay’s Audio covers the return shipping fee.
Within Warranty Period: Customer to bear both way shipping fee. Jay’s Audio to repair at free of charge.

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide!